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This category includes helpful articles on MFA, where to store data/files, recovering deleted emails, etc.

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How Can I Change My Contact Information for MFA?

This article will help you change your methods of contact for MFA.

How Do I Block a Sender in Outlook?

How to block email senders in Outlook Client and Office365.

How do I enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for my account?

An introduction to MFA, and how to configure it.

How Do I Recover Deleted Items from Outlook?

How to recover deleted items from your email.

How Do I Recover Files within OneDrive

Take advantage of OneDrive’s Version history feature that will allow you to restore files.

How Do I Retrieve an Email Header When Reporting Email Threats?

How to access the internet headers of suspicious emails.

How do I setup the Authenticator app for MFA?

Tired of typing in 6-digit codes? Use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone for 1-click verification.

Tips for Troubleshooting MFA

This article will describe how to troubleshoot the most common MFA issues.

What is an O365 App Password and How Do I Use It?

An introduction to O365 App Password and how to use it

Where Should I Store My Files/Data?

Where to store your data.