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This category includes helpful articles on MFA, where to store data/files, recovering deleted emails, etc.

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How Can I Change My Contact Information for MFA?

This article will help you change your methods of contact for MFA.

How Do I Block a Sender in Outlook?

How to block email senders in Outlook Client and Office365.

How do I enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for my account?

An introduction to MFA, and how to configure it.

How Do I Recover Deleted Items from Outlook?

How to recover deleted items from your email.

How Do I Recover Files within OneDrive

Take advantage of OneDrive’s Version history feature that will allow you to restore files.

How Do I Retrieve an Email Header When Reporting Email Threats?

How to access the internet headers of suspicious emails.

How do I setup the Authenticator app for MFA?

Tired of typing in 6-digit codes? Use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone for 1-click verification.

How to change your default security method for MFA

How to change your default MFA method so you can receive authentication codes an alternate way.

Tips for Troubleshooting MFA

This article will describe how to troubleshoot the most common MFA issues.

What is an O365 App Password and How Do I Use It?

An introduction to O365 App Password and how to use it

Where Should I Store My Files/Data?

Where to store your data.