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Students should indicate a preferred name if they want staff and faculty to refer to them by a name that is different from their legal name.
Once your Counselor has approved your My Academic Plan (MAP), you will receive an email at your Sierra College email address. Follow these steps to view your approved plan.
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Meetings in Teams makes meeting experiences easier. As soon as you create a meeting, you can start chatting with the participants about the agenda, share the files that you need them to review, and keep track of the meeting notes and to dos. You can even check who those unknown people are that have been invited. After the meeting, the meeting chat, shared files, attendance record and the meeting recording (if recorded) is immediately available in the Chat and on your Calendar item.
Your calendar is always available in teams and syncs seamlessly so you never have to toggle back to email
One of the most productive benefits of Microsoft Teams is that staff can collaborate and edit documents seamlessly. This can be done at the same time as other users in the organization. Documents are auto saved within Teams. This way no information is lost.
In Teams, Chat is used for the Quick Tap Your Co-Worker On the Shoulder with a Question style chats (without the tapping or the deep dive into your inbox looking for an answer). You can even name conversations, create group chats and search files saved to conversations. Categorized communication is the way of the wise, and lucky you, you’ve got Teams. Also, what’s life without a little fun, right? Personalize your communication with GIFs, photos etc. so when you say, “Catch my drift?” people act
On the go? No problem. Teams is mobile friendly. Use Teams on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop seamlessly. The Teams app allows for quiet time. Set your do not disturb for predefined hours every day or switch it on or off for a quick break. Take it with you or leave it be. Video or regular audio calls are effortless. Simply press “Join” to jump in a meeting, “Meet Now” to start one or call someone without video, all straight from any device. Happy calling!
Learn important information about how Zoom works, 8 Tips to prevent "Zoom-bombing" during meeting scheduling, and the recommended settings if scheduling from and the Zoom App.