Where Should I Store My Files/Data?



Where do I store my data files?


Each user has a responsibility to manage their data files. It is also the user’s responsibility when working with other groups and/or individuals, to create and store files in the proper locations as defined in the Since networked data storage is shared, it is in the interest of everyone to use this resource efficiently and correctly.

Users should conduct periodic reviews of their data to verify its usefulness. If needed, users can request space usage reports through the ITS Service Desk to see how their data storage allocation is being used. To make such a request, please call the Service Desk (x7777).


This is a cloud based storage system that can be used to share files with students for instructional purposes as faculty have the ability to select students to share files with and vice-versa. This user space will also be accessible through your Office 365 account from any web browser and location.

It can also be used for staff/faculty to share files internally. Because Office 365 One Drive is a cloud-based file sharing solution. DO NOT SHARE FILES THAT INCLUDE SENSITIVE DATA OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION IN THE CLOUD.

N:\ - User’s Data Space

This area is unique to each user in the District. It is created when a User-ID is generated and accessible while on the Network, only. The user has full privileges in this data space and may create any directories and sub-directories as needed for business use. Each user automatically and uniquely maps this data space to their N:\ drive letter designator. Other users do not have the rights or privileges to access the data stored here. Other than the user, the data is only visible to the System Administrators.

S:\ - Sierra Department and Workgroup Shared Folders

This data space’s directories (folders) are accessible based on departmental and/or workgroup assignment and are dedicated to workgroup data. Please do not store personal files in the District’s file server.

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