How do I enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for my account?


How do I enable MFA for my account? 


Enabling MFA for your account is a requirement for all users when logging into our systems from off campus. This includes accessing mySierra, Canvas, DegreeWorks, Sierra Connect and more.  


You have two options for MFA: 

  1. Use your phone number to get a login code by text or call 

  1. Use an authenticator app to get a login code on your personal device (click here to jump to the instructions)

If you do not have a personal device to enable MFA, please contact  


To set up your phone number:

Start by watching this video tutorial or by following the steps listed below.  

STEP 1: Go to your computer or mobile device 

STEP 2: Enter your Sierra College email address  

STEP 3: You will be directed to the Sierra College login page. Enter your Sierra College username (not your full email address) and password to proceed. 

STEP 4: Click on the link in the lower left corner that says I want to set up a different method 


STEP 5: Choose Phone from the dropdown menu