How to Complete the Sierra College Online Application

About OpenCCC

All California Community Colleges use a shared application called OpenCCC. Some of the questions may not fit your particular situation. If you experience this, give the best answer you can and move on. 

Benefits of OpenCCC

  • You can save your information on each page and return to it at your convenience.
  • You can log in and apply to any college in the system. The application will retain much of your information.

Email and Notifications

The application will ask you for an email address. Choose an email account you check frequently because you will receive important notices. To avoid delays, we recommend that you do not use a yahoo email account when completing your application.

Once you are officially admitted to Sierra College, we will send you a welcome email. This email will contain your next step: activating your personal account in mySierra. After your account is activated, you will receive an official Sierra College email account.

Helpful Hints: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Application

Apply online to Sierra College using OpenCCC. (Registrarse en español)

Follow these instructions and check out the frequently asked questions below.

Section 1: Enrollment

Please read the helpful hints. You'll be happy you did.

This page has four drop-down menus.

  • Term: Make certain to double-check the dates for accuracy.
  • Educational goal: If you have a plan in mind, select it from the list. If you are uncertain, select a category that seems appropriate. Again, you will have time to refine your goals with your counselor. This information helps us to understand your interests. If you are taking a class for enrichment, you can select "Undecided."
  • Major category: Sierra College has nine interest areas that represent all the degrees and programs we offer. Interest areas help you find a path to reach your educational and career goals.  
  • Intended program of study: You will select a program within your major category (interest area) or you can choose undecided. Any program you choose at this point can always be changed later.    

Section 2: Account

Enter Your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email address (make certain to use one you check frequently; to avoid delays, we recommend that you do not use a yahoo email account when completing your application.)
  • Social security number (or permanent residency information*)
    *You are not required to have been issued a social security number and can “decline to state” if you are undocumented or a DACA recipient. 
  • Date of birth
  • Mailing address (if different from address listed above)

Section 3: Education

If you are uncertain about graduation dates, give your best estimate. Enter your:

  • College Enrollment Status: This is your expected enrollment status at the time the college semester starts. 
  • High School Education (Country, State, City, Name, and Dates). If you are still in high school, then “last high school attended” is the school you are currently enrolled in. 
  • College Education (Level Completed, Number of Colleges Attended, Country, State, Name, City, and Dates). 

Section 4: Citizenship/Military

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, enter your Alien Registration number or Student Visa information. If you are or have been in the military, enter the name of the State of Legal Residence for the Military and Home of Record with the Military.

Section 5: Residency

You will be asked if you have lived in California continuously for the last two years. If not, you will also be asked when your stay in California started. Check the box if you fit into one of the Special Residency Categories and information on Out-of-State Activities which may affect your residency.

Section 6: Needs and Interests

Enter your:

  • Language
  • Financial Assistance
  • Athletic Interest
  • Programs and Services:  You can select as many or a few as you are interested in. By checking the box you will be sent an additional email with further information after you apply.

Section 7: Demographic Information

Enter Your:

  • Gender/Transgender (Can Decline to State)
  • Sexual Orientation (Can Decline to State)
  • Parent/Guardian Education Levels
  • Race/Ethnicity

Section 8: Supplemental Questions

Are you planning to take classes for fun? Select NO if you are planning on getting a degree, certificate and/or transfer.  

Are your pursuing a degree at a different institution and plan to take only a few classes at Sierra College? Select YES if you are also enrolled and attending another college or university.

Section 9: Request for Consent to Release Information

Check the "I consent" box.

Section 10: Review Application

You will find all of your completed answers. Double check for accuracy.

Section 11: Submission

Read over information and acknowledge your acceptance then click on Submit my Application.

Congratulations on applying! Check your email for your welcome information to take your next step, activating your mySierra account.



Is there a deadline for my application?


How long does it take to process my application?

After you apply, you should receive an email within a few minutes confirming that your application has been processed.

When can I access mySierra account?  

Usually about 20 minutes after receiving your welcome email from Sierra College Admissions. 


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