How Do I Recover Files within OneDrive


How do you Recover Files within OneDrive?


OneDrive makes sure that the files stay in sync, so the version of the file on the computer is the same version on the cloud. However, if ransomware has encrypted your files, you can take advantage of OneDrive’s Version history feature that will allow you to restore the file versions prior to encryption

If your OneDrive files get deleted, corrupted, or infected by malware, you can restore your entire OneDrive to a previous state. Here is how you can restore your entire OneDrive: 

1. If you're signed in with a personal account, click the Settings cog at the top of the page. Then, click Options and select Restore your OneDrive. 
If you're signed in with a work or school account, click the Settings cog at the top of the page. Then, click Restore your OneDrive

2. On the Restore your OneDrive page, select a date from the drop-down list. Note that if you're restoring your files after automatic ransomware detection, a restore date will be selected for you. 

3. After configuring all the file restoration options, click Restore to undo all the activities you selected. 

The best way to avoid damage from ransomware infections is to maintain regular up-to-date backups. 



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