Quarantined Emails & Notifications

Anti-malware, anti-spam and anti-phishing policies automatically quarantine a message if any attachment is found to contain malware. Here at Sierra, these policies quarantine phishing, spam, and bulk (external sender) emails to quarantine. 

Starting Fall 2022, employees will be able to release their own emails from quarantine.


Quarantined Email Notification

If you are sent an email that gets quarantined, you will see an email notification in your inbox that look similar to the following:

By clicking on the “review message” link, you will be able to view the details of the quarantined email in a web browser, prior to deciding whether or not it is spam. In the image below, you will find a “preview message” link (not the same at the “review” option) that will allow you to look at the full email.


What you can do

After you select to review a quarantined message, the following actions are available in the details fly out:

  • Release email icon. Release email: Delivers the message to your Inbox.
  • View message headers icon. View message headers: Choose this link to see the message header text. The Message header fly out appears with the following links:
  •       Copy message header: Click this link to copy the message header (all header fields) to your clipboard.

The following actions are available after you click More actions icon. More actions:

  • Preview message icon. Preview message: In the fly out that appears, choose one of the following tabs:
    • Source: Shows the HTML version of the message body with all links disabled.
    • Plain text: Shows the message body in plain text.
  • Remove from quarantine icon. Remove from quarantine: After you click Yes in the warning that appears, the message is immediately deleted without being sent to the original recipients.
  • Download email icon. Download email: In the fly out that appears, select I understand the risks from downloading this message, and then click Download to save a local copy of the message in .eml format.
  • Block sender icon. Block sender: Add the sender to the Blocked Senders list in your mailbox.

NOTE: If you don't release or remove the message, it will be deleted after the default quarantine retention period expires (as shown in the Expires column).

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