How Do I Recover Deleted Items from Outlook?


How do I recover deleted items from Outlook Client or Office 365?


Outlook Client (application installed on your computer) 

1. Click on Deleted Items folder

2. Click on the Home menu option

3. Click on the Recover Deleted Items from Server sub-menu option

4. In the Recover Deleted Items window, scroll down and click on the message that you want to recover

5. Click on the Restore Selected Items radio button

6. Click on the OK button

Outlook using Office365

1. Click on your Deleted Items folder

2. Click on the Recover Deleted Items link

3. Scroll through the Recover Deleted Items window and click on the checkbox of the messages you intend to recover

4. Click on the Recover link

5. In the Recover Items popup window, click on the OK button


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