Student Resources for Learning Remotely

Resources and tools to help students be successful in taking classes remotely.

Articles (13)

Access On-Campus Computer Lab Remotely

How to use the LR-205 Computer Lab, with remote access.

Canvas App and Support Tips

Tips to use the Canvas app

How to scan files from your phone

Use the OneDrive app to create PDFs with your phone

Online TI-84 Graphing Calculator Simulator

How use an online T1-84 graphing calculator.

Student Tech Support on Adobe Creative Cloud

How to access Adobe Creative Clouds apps, creative work and learning resources

Student Tech Support on Files and File Types

File tips, cloud storage and video tutorials

Student Tech Support on Microsoft Office 365

Tech tips, how-to guides and video tutorials for student use of Microsoft Office 365

Student Tech Support on Password Security

Tips to consider to keep you safe from possible threats

Student Tech Support on Updates and Browser Issues

Tips on updating your operating system and browsers, how to clear your cache and use private browsing windows

Student Tech Support on Zoom & ConferZoom

Tech tips, guides and video tutorials on Zoom

Taking Screenshots

Learn how to use your computer or phone’s built-in ability to take a picture of the screen.

Where is the quiz/exam timer in Canvas?

Where to find the timer in Canvas as well as troubleshooting tips if you can't see it!