Student Tech Support on Password Security

As a student at Sierra College, you will be using a variety of technology. Safe computing starts with password security. Please consider the following tips to keep you safe from possible threats:

  • Never share your password with anyone.  
  • Create a complex password that you can remember and is unique to you.  "Passphrases" are recommended when possible. For example: Ilove2walkintheraininMay! 
  • Create different passwords for different applications. 
  • Update your password from time to time. 
  • Don't forget to log out! Leaving your account open is just as dangerous as providing your password. Take time to make sure you are fully logged out of all online applications and browsers.
  • Test the strength of your password! LastPass, a leading password manager vendor, provides a secure utility to test the strength of your password as well as suggestions for improving its strength.

Need to reset your password? Use the password reset tool. Passwords require 10 to 32 characters, including at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, and at least one number.


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