Attending Classes Remotely FAQs

How do I contact my instructor?

Instructors' email addresses can be found on the class schedule.  Click on the five-digit course registration number (CRN) for the specific class section.

Once you select, a pop-up window will appear with course information, including the instructors email address.  Please use your Sierra College email when communicating with faculty.   

If you are enrolled in a class, you can also contact your instructor using the Canvas Inbox.  To do so, log in to Canvas and select “Inbox” in the left navigation bar (or at the bottom left in the Canvas mobile app).  Select "Compose New Message" icon at the top of the screen (or the blue plus sign in the mobile app).  You will be able to select your course and choose to message the instructor. 

My class meeting time is listed as TBA in the class schedule. How do I know when my class will be?

Online classes at Sierra College are asynchronous, meaning you will be able to access your course from any place at any time. Although these courses have no required live meeting time each week, some will have optional live sessions and student hours (office hours) during the week.  These optional live sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch later. These dates and times will be provided by the instructors on the course syllabus or in Canvas. 

How do I get to my class?

All classes are located in Canvas

You can access Canvas through your mySierra account by clicking "Canvas Online Classes and Gradebook" link.   

Canvas has a free student mobile app that is available for both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded through the app stores.

Once you have logged in, you should see your course on the Canvas Dashboard.  Click on the Course Card to enter your class.

Why isn't my Class showing up on the Dashboard?

If you are looking for your course prior to the first day of the semester, it is likely that the instructor has not made it available yet.  Check back on the first day and it should be available.

If your class is an 8 week class, the start date of the class will begin later in the semester (start date for the class can be found on your class schedule), so it may not be published in Canvas until closer to the start date. 

If it is after the first day and you are not seeing your class on the dashboard, select the “Courses” link in the left navigation menu and at the bottom of the list of courses, select “All Courses”.  Locate your classes and ensure that they have an orange star to the left of the course name. This will place the course on the Dashboard.

If you still cannot locate your course, please contact your instructor.

Need Help?

If you have questions about accessing your courses on Canvas, contact Student Tech Support


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