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I have a computer to use, but need access to additional software that would be available on campus. How can I access them?


We have created a way for students to access the LR-205 computer lab for a variety of software in a Windows 10 environment. 

Accessing LR205 Lab Computers:

To access the Learning Commons lab computers, go to

Click on â€œApporto Cloud"

Click on the App Store icon as shown below:

Next, click on the Launch button for the RC-LR205 Windows Lab

When you see the following screen (as you would in the LR-205 lab), login with your mySierra username and password. It may take several minutes to get logged into a computer after your enter your username and password. 

Once logged in, use the workstation as you would be regularly in the lab, without printing. 


NOTE: To use Microsoft applications while connected to the remote lab, you will need to sign in with your Sierra College username and password when first opening a Microsoft application. 


SAVING YOUR FILES: Please know you will be connected to a computer at random each time you connect to the remote lab. Due to this restriction, please do not save your files to the PC, rather use your OneDrive or other cloud storage if you need to continuing working on your files after connecting to the lab. If you do not need to return to your file(s), you can submit them through Canvas by using a browser on the remote computer. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Some application files, like Microsoft Access and some Adobe files (like Adobe Premier), cannot be saved in cloud storage due to the nature of the file type. Unfortunately, this has to due with the make-up of those files, not restrictions with cloud storage. Our suggestion to anyone needing the remote lab for Microsoft Access or Adobe Premier, save your files to the local computer (desktop, documents, etc.) while working on your assignment, but please be sure to complete your work and submit your assignment prior to ending your remote session if using one of these applications. 

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