Access On-Campus Computer Lab Remotely


I have a computer to use, but need access to additional software that would be available on campus. How can I access them?


We have created a way for students to access the LR-205 computer lab for a variety of software in a Windows 10 environment. 

Accessing LR205 Lab Computers:

To access the Learning Commons lab computers, go to

Click on â€œApporto Cloud"

Click on the App Store icon as shown below:

Next, click on the Launch button for the RC-LR205 Windows Lab

When you see the following screen (as you would in the LR-205 lab), login with your mySierra username and password. It may take several minutes to get logged into a computer after your enter your username and password. 

Once logged in, use the workstation as you would be regularly in the lab, without printing. 


NOTE: To use Microsoft applications while connected to the remote lab, you will need to sign in with your Sierra College username and password when first opening a Microsoft application. 

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