Setting Up Student Office Hours and Locations in Sierra Connect - How to Guide


How do I set-up online locations for Student (Office) hours?


If you need virtual meetings, before getting started, have a Zoom room set-up 

  • If you already have a Zoom room, please skip to "Setting Up Your Locations" below. 

  • If you do not already have a Zoom room for your Student Hours, please follow these steps first:

    • Set up a zoom room for "Student Hours" to include the entire semester (minus any holidays or days off) so that you end up with ONE link and phone number. Using your unique Student Hours Zoom link and Zoom phone number, replace the text from the examples into your own location descriptions.
    • Please watch this video tutorial for more information on setting up your zoom room (you will need to sign in with your Sierra College email and password) -  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL ON SETTING UP ZOOM ROOM 

Log into Sierra Connect

Click the link to log into Sierra Connect-  DASHBOARD FOR SIERRA CONNECT

Set up your locations

The place to set up your locations is located in your profile under "Appointment Preferences".

When logged into Connect:

  • Click the three lines at the top left of the screen.

  • Click the arrow next to your name. You'll see the option for Appointment Preferences.

  • For on-ground meetings, add your physicial office location.
  • For virtual meetings, set up two locations; one for phone and one for online.
  • Click the green "Add Locations" button under, "My Locations".


  • For your phone meeting location, enter the phone number and PIN provided by Zoom for your meeting.
    • HINT! Remember, your Zoom meeting has a link and phone number, so you don’t need two Zoom rooms. 

  • Save your work and move on to setting up your Student Hours.


Setting up your Student Hours

  • Be sure to enable both your Phone and Online Locations for your Student Hours (Office Hours). Students will be able to choose their preferred way of attending. 

There are two ways to set up your office hours


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