Find answers to frequently asked questions about accessing and using mySierra.

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Always Log Out of Your mySierra Account

Information on logging out of your mySierra

Automatic Log Out on mySierra

Information on automatic log out on mySierra

Do Not Use a Pop-Up Blocker with mySierra

Information on pop-up blocker with mySierra

Error message: mySierra Account is Disabled, Locked, or Expired

Information on who students and employees should contact if mySierra isn't allowing them in

Error: Username/Password Pair Not Found

Instructions on what to do when you are having password or username issues

Failed Log In

Information on why a password might not be working

How Do I Access mySierra?

Learn the various ways to access mySierra

How Do I Set Up mySierra Account?

Instructions on setting-up your mySierra account

How Do I View My Bill and Pay for Tuition and/or Fees?

Follow these steps in mySierra to view or pay your bill

mySierra: Getting a Username and Password

The first step in finding out your user name and password is knowing what type of user you are.

Receiving your mySierra Username and Password

Information on how you receive your username and password once you have submitted an application

Reset Your mySierra Password

View what you need in order to reset your password

The Best Browsers for mySierra

View which browsers work best for mySierra

What Does the Class Registration Error Message I Received in mySierra Mean?

View our list of error messages to find out what they mean and how to resolve them.