Learn how to add/drop classes, join a waitlist , when to register for classes and more.

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Add a Class After it has Begun (Late Registration)

View how to get add codes and register for classes once they have begun

Check Your Registration Eligibility and Holds

Find out when you can sign up for classes or if you have any holds on your account getting in the way of registering

Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes

It is your responsibility to drop classes you do not plan to attend

How Do Waitlists Work?

Instructions on how to join a waitlist

Priority Registration

Priority Registration allows qualifying students to register for classes early before they fill up. Find out if you qualify.

Steps on How to Register for Classes

There are two steps to registering for classes: finding the classes you need, then adding classes to your schedule.

What is a Pre-registration Questionnaire?

Follow these steps on how and when to complete the pre-registration questionnaire.

When Do I Register for Classes?

Follow these steps to register for classes in mySierra.