Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes

It is your responsibility to drop classes you do not plan to attend. The professor’s signature is not required.

If you do not attend or stop attending classes and fail to drop by the Deadline to Withdraw, you may receive a letter grade. You may also be responsible for paying full class fees. For more, visit Refund Information.

How to Drop Classes

You can drop classes through your mySierra account.

  1. Log into your mySierra account.
  2. Go to the Registration and Classes card.
  3. Click on the Add, Drop or Withdraw from Classes link.
  4. Select the term from the drop-down menu (i.e., Spring 2017) and click the Submit button.
  5. Under your Current Schedule, there is a drop-down menu under Action. Select Drop Class.
  6. Click the Submit Changes button.

If you need help with dropping a class, contact our Live Chat accessible from www.sierracollege.edu.

Full-Term Classes

Full-term classes dropped within the Add/Drop/Refund Period will not appear on your academic record. Classes dropped after this period will appear on your record with a “W” and are called withdrawals. If you remain in the class beyond the deadline to withdraw you will receive a letter grade.

Visit the Academic Calendar to determine the Add/Drop/Refund Deadline or the Deadline to Withdraw and receive a “W.”

Withdrawing from a Non-Repeatable Class

You only have three attempts at a non-repeatable class to pass it. A grade of "W" counts as one attempt.

State regulations restrict the number of times you can enroll in the same class if it is not designated as repeatable. Please see a counselor for more specific information or assistance.

Short-term and Fast-Track Classes

Short-term and Fast-track classes have their own deadlines which can be verified by the instructor or by calling Admissions and Records. All deadlines for Short-term and Fast-track classes are also printed on your class schedule and fee receipt in your mySierra account.

If You Drop a Class by Accident

There is no way to add yourself back into a class if you accidentally drop it.

If there are seats available, you can simply add the class back through the normal process. If there are no seats available in the class, you will have to add yourself to the class waitlist.

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