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Academic Renewal: Requirements and Filing a Petition

Information on Academic Renewal Petition

Academic Standing

Information on Academic Standing

Admissions Forms

All of the Admissions and Records forms and descriptions for the forms


Information for class attendance

Auditing a Course

Instructions on auditing a course

Challenging a Course (Credit by Examination)

Instructions on challenging a course

College Terms and Conditions

Steps on how to accept College Terms and Conditions

Enrollment Verification

Information on Enrollment Verification

File a Degree Petition to Get Your Degree or Certificate

Information on filing a degree petition

Grade Disputes and Grade Change Petitions

Information and instructions on changing your grades

Incomplete Academic Work

Instructions on petitioning for an incomplete

Overload Petition

Information and instructions on petitioning for an overload of units

Pass/No Pass

Instructions on petitioning for a Pass/No Pass

Prerequisites, Corequisites and Advisories

Information on Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Advisories

Probation and Dismissal

Information on probation and dismissal

Refund Information

Information on refund dates and methods

Repeats, Non-Repeatable Courses, and Course Families

Information and instructions on repeating a course

Request for Confidentiality of Student Information

Information on who can view student information

Sierra Promise - FAQs

Sierra Promise Questions

Steps to Graduate

Steps on how to graduate

Student ID Cards

How to get a Student ID card

Two Years Free FAQs

First-Year Free Questions