Evisions Argos delivers the insights you need quickly, in order to make timely, better-informed decisions. It helps colleges and universities work better because it delivers flexible, powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools developed by higher education experts. Argos provides accurate information and data when you need it, through reporting made simple.

Services (3)

Argos – Request New Functional Item or Request A Report be Into Production

This service is provided for those requesting a new functional item or enhancement for the eVisions (Argos, IntelleCheck, FormFusion) application. Use this service to also request a report or data blocks moved.

eVisions (Argos) Account Request

This service should be completed for new access, modification to access, and termination of access to eVisions - Argos/IntelleCheck/FormFusion.

Report Issue(s) - Argos

This service is provided for those reporting an issue with the Argos application.