Report Issue(s) - MFA


Use this service to report any issue you may be experiencing with multi-factor authentication. 

Available To

Sierra College employees and current students


All users are required to enable MFA on their account for any off-campus access to our systems. If you have not yet enabled MFA on your account, please complete the steps in this help article:

Issues may include but are not limited to:

  • Changed phone number
  • Changed devices and authenticator app no longer works
  • Page not loading
  • Radius challenge (be sure you are only clicking the login button one time)
  • Not able to access all accounts (MySierra, email, canvas etc..)

Getting Started

Click on the "Report Issue" button to access the incident form. Please be as specific as possible in your request so that we may best serve you. 

Fees and Additional Costs

There are no fees associated with this service. 

Report Issue

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