Faculty Responding to Survey in Sierra Connect (Starfish) - How To Guide


How do I respond to surveys in Sierra Connect?


Start by logging in to your Sierra Connect Dashboard.

Two things to remember:

  1. Support Needed Flags are case managed and comments are not sent to students
  2. Kudos and Referrals are not case managed and comments are sent to students

Want to watch a video instead? 


Your Sierra Connect Dashboard will show a link to your Outstanding Progress Surveys. Click on that link.

Fill out the survey for each student. The Progress Survey saves your work, automatically!

Once you click “Submit” the Progress Survey cannot be reopened. NOTE: You can manually raise a Flag, Kudo, or Referral on a student at any time.

If submitting a Kudo or Referral, comments will be optional. Click on the green plus sign at the right of the survey to open comments.

If you’re teaching multiple classes, you’ll have to submit multiple surveys. You can select each class by clicking the drop-down arrow.