Guide to Setting Up Your Sierra Connect Profile

You have a Sierra Connect account and now you need to set up your profile, appointment preferences, and notifications. This how-to will give you the basics. 

Start by logging in and navigating to your edit profile tab. Log Into Sierra Connect

Click the link below for information on how to log into your Sierra Connect Account. Link - How to Log Into Sierra Connect



Your profile consists of your photo, profile settings, contact info, and your about section. Update and confirm the information in each section.

Click the three lines, top left of your Sierra Connect account, Example shown below.

Arrow pointing at the three lines in Sierra Connect

You now see your main profile menu. Click the single cheveron next to your name to open the Edit Profile option.

Arrows pointing towards cheveron and the Edit Profile menu option


Update your picture to a professional photo of yourself by clicking the "Upload Photo" button.


Profile Settings

Preferred Login Page

Set your "Preferred Login Page" to "Students-> My Students".

Share Links

Set your two buttons to allow for linking to your profile and schedule as seen on the screenshot below.


Contact Information

Make sure all of your information is correct. There should be nothing to change here. Leave "Video Phone" blank for now. 



Title : Keep your title blank. 

My Biography : Put some personal information about yourself.

General Overview : Put how you can help students, what service do you offer. Counselors need to include the text If you can't find an open spot with me, go back out to your main page and click on the Counseling tile to select a different counselor.


Appointment Preferences

Office Hour Defaults

It is recommended that you keep your Office Hour Defaults as is. 

Keep a 30 minute minimum appointment length and No Deadline for scheduling. 


Calendar Sync

If you are a Counselor, do not check the "Allow Sierra Connect to read busy times from my Outlook calendar"

If you are using Scheduler, and want to see your Outlook busy times, then select to allow for Outlook Calendar Sync. 


My Locations

Your locations are important to create if you're using Sierra Connect for appointments. 

You may want to create a couple locations, one for online and one for in-person. You may also have two office locations. Your My Locations section is for you to create the locations that students will select with making appointments with you. 

HINT: If you're meeting virtual, make one of your rooms an online location and put the URL of your virtual meeting as the location information. 


Calendar Management

WARNING: Do not give student workers access to your calendar through this function. Your student workers should automatically be given access to various calendars. 



Summary Emails

It is recommended that you keep your settings as "Don't send me summary emails", unless you really like getting a lot of emails. 



It is recommended that you keep your settings as "Don't send me planning reminders". 


Tracking Items

It is recommended that you keep your settings as "Item assigned to me". 



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