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Use this service to request assistance accessing the wireless networks on campus.

Available To

Sierra College Employees.


Please review the how-to articles associated with this service. If you are still unable to access the wireless network, please see below for locations where the wireless network can be accessed. 

Rocklin Campus

In-Building areas:

  • Amphitheater
  • A Building – inside coverage
  • B Building (Carner Hall Business and Tech) – inside coverage
  • C Building (Classrooms) - inside coverage
  • D Building (Walker Hall – Music) – inside coverage 6. D Building Portables
  • E and F Buildings (Art and Human Environmental Services) – inside coverage
  • H Building (Construction Tech) - inside coverage
  • I Building (Agriculture and Forestry) - inside coverage J-7 ASSC
  • Cafeteria
  • L Building (Winstead Center) – inside coverage
  • LRC –All floors
  • M Building (classrooms) - inside coverage
  • MT Building (classrooms) - inside coverage
  • N Building (Automotive) - inside coverage
  • S Building (Sewell Hall) U Building
  • ST Classrooms – inside V Building
  • Theater building
  • W Building (Weaver Hall) – inside coverage
  • Z Building

Outdoor Coverage Areas:

  • Entry area to theater building including lobby and covered area outside the front entrance.
  • Outside area between Buildings A, S, V, M, and L.
  • Outside coverage for the M and Mt buildings surrounding area and area between the two buildings.
  • Outside seating area between Buildings A and L.
  • Outside roaming area along walkway between buildings J, L, W, and D.
  • Outside roaming area between buildings H and N.
  • Quad between L and J buildings
  • Outside area between buildings H, I, E, and G.

Nevada County Campus

In-Building areas:

  • N2 – Administration/Learning Center - inside coverage
  • N3 – Police Services/Disabled Student Services - inside coverage
  • N6 – Learning Resource Center/Library - inside coverage
  • N7 – Classroom/Lab – inside coverage
  • N9 – Fine Arts-2D – inside coverage
  • N10 – Fine Arts-3D– inside coverage
  • N11 – Fine Arts - inside coverage
  • N15 – Music - inside coverage
  • N17 – Child Development - inside coverage
  • N19 – Robotic Observatory
  • Other buildings in the future

Outdoor coverage areas:

  • Outside green area in between/in front of the N15 and N11 buildings.
  • Outside Green area between N2, N1, N8, and N6 buildings
  • Outside area by entrance for N1, Student Services & Cafeteria building.
  • Outside area between Building N5 and N6 (seating area).

Roseville Vernon

  • All Sierra College occupied areas

Tahoe Truckee Campus

  • Entire Building Lobby/Break Areas

Getting Started

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Fees and Additional Costs

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