Failed Log In

Find out the possible causes for log in errors and how you can fix them.

Possible Causes

A failed log in may be caused by incorrect typing (caps lock on, wrong keystroke), incorrect user name and/or an expired password, etc. Your browser may be set to remember old passwords. Try clearing your browser’s cache and browsing history.

Expired Passwords

mySierra passwords expire. Also, mySierra accounts only remain active for one year from the time the student stops attending. If your account is current, try resetting your password by selecting the link called 'Create/Reset Password?,' located on the mySierra log in screen. You will need to know your Sierra College email address.

Reset your Password

If you still have log in trouble, select the link called "Create/Reset Password?," located on the mySierra log in screen and reset your password. If you’re unsure of your username, contact the Help Center at (916) 660-7300, or submit a  mySierra Help Form.

Need Additional Help?

If you need additional support, you may also contact Student Tech Support using the chat option or by emailing or calling (916) 660-7225 during business hours. 

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