How To Schedule an Online Appointment With an Instructor


How do I schedule an appointment with my instructor?


STEP 1 Login to your MySierra account. 

STEP 2 Locate Sierra Connect in the Important Links card.  

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STEP 3 Select Sierra Connect to access your Success Network Dashboard. The Success Network Dashboard will show you your instructors, your Counselor, and your Support Specialist.  

Notice: The example below will be different from the people you see within your network. 



STEP 4 Click on the three dots next to your instructor’s name to reveal the options they have set. 

** NOTE **  (Not all instructors are using Sierra Connect to schedule Student Hours)

STEP 5 Select “Schedule” from the pop-up list. 


 STEP 6 Select "Instructor Office Hours" to reveal some reasons for the appointment.

Select your reason for the visit by clicking the little bubble next to the best option for your visit. Then click "CONTINUE"



STEP 8 Select the day and time you wish to make the appointment for. In this example, Monday, Oct 12 at 8AM is chosen. 



STEP 9 If available, select the "Location".

There may be a drop down list for phone, zoom, or video meetings.



STEP 10 Enter any information you want your instructor to know before your meeting into the text box.  

Note: It is helpful to expand on what your meeting request is about. 



STEP 11 Click the CONFIRM button.  

You will receive an email conformation meeting request. Accept that meeting request so it is put on your Outlook or personal calendar.

Click Here For More Information About Adding The Appointment to Your Outlook Calendar

Click Here For Info on Finding Your Appointment in Sierra Connect


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