How to Find Appointment Information in Sierra Connect (Student)


Where do I find information about my scheduled appointments in Sierra Connect?


STOP! Have you added your appointments to your Outlook calendar? If so, appointment information will be in your calendar. Interested in doing this? Please review Add Appointments to Your Outlook Calendar. 

Login to Sierra Connect and click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner. 

Scroll down to select your "Dashboard"

Find the appointment on your Sierra Connect Calendar by navigating to the week of the month, then click on the appointment block shown (15-minute appointments like the one below can be easily overlooked):

When you click on the appointment block, as preview of your appointment will display on the right side of your screen. Click on the "View details or cancel?" link:

When the Edit Appointment screen appears you can:

  • View the date and time
  • View the Meeting Instructions
  • Change the location of the meeting
  • Cancel the scheduled appointment
    • NOTE: If you ned to change the reason, date/time, or person to meet with, you need to cancel the appointment. Create a new appointment by returning to that person or service's profile in Sierra Connect.

If you did not make changes, please click on the "Back" link. If you made changes, please be sure to click on "Save Changes".