Add Appointments to Your Outlook Calendar (Student)


How do I save my Sierra Connect appointments to my Outlook Calendar?


When you book an appointment in Sierra Connect, you will receive a confirmation email to your Sierra College inbox that can be saved to your calendar. The subject of the email will start with the name of the person you have an appointment booked with, followed by the "purpose" and then the date and time. 

Click on "Accept" if using the Outlook desktop application, or click on "Yes" if you are using the web version of Outlook:

If you would like to adjust the reminder notification setting, you can do that by opening the saved appointment on your calendar, and changing the reminder settings shown below with both the desktop and online versions of Outlook 365:

If you have downloaded the Outlook app for your smart phone and have enabled notifications (WE HIGHLY SUGGEST IT!), you will see reminders like this prior to your appointments: 



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