How to Change Your Major and/or Educational Goal


How can I change or update my major or educational goal?


The following link will direct you to mySierra where you will be able to see the "Change My Major" link:

You can also log into mySierra, go to the "Counseling and Degree Progress" page, and then choose “Change My Major”.

Please note: The images below are intended to be used as examples only. 

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STEP 1: Choose the term when you want the new major to start (usually the current term) and then “Submit

STEP 2: Read the information and click “CONTINUE

STEP 3: Click on “Update Major/ Educational Goal

STEP 4: You may choose to show all programs or only programs eligible for Financial Aid

STEP 5: Choose an Interest Area. Wait for the page to re-load

STEP 6: Choose a Major (Course of Study). Wait for the page to re-load

STEP 7: Choose a Concentration. Wait for the page to re-load


STEP 9: Choose the type of Degree/ Certificate you want to earn


STEP 11: If you have chosen a Degree, you will need to choose a GE Pattern and click “CONTINUE

STEP 12: Tell us how sure you are about the choices you have made (emojis will not be displayed on the screen)

STEP 13: Review the information.  If it is correct, click “CONTINUE

STEP 14: If the information is not correct, you can GO BACK or START OVER

STEP 15: Tell us about your educational goal at Sierra College and click “CONFIRM” or “GO BACK” to make changes

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