How to Earn Your Associate Degree

Learn about degree and major requirements, degree-applicable units, and how to submit a degree request form.

Steps to Earn Your Degree

Step One: General Education Breadth Patterns

There are three general education patterns which you can choose from to fulfill your GE requirements at Sierra College.

Use either the CSU GE or the IGETC if you are:

  • Working toward an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T)
  • Or if you plan to transfer to a university.

Meet with your counselor to choose the most appropriate GE pattern and decide which courses to take. Note that IGETC is the only approved GE pattern for the Biology for Transfer, Chemistry for Transfer, and Computer Science for Transfer degrees.

Use the Sierra College Associate Degree Requirements if you do not plan to transfer to a university. The Sierra College Associate Degree Requirements include General Education Breadth Requirements and Learning Skills Requirements.

Step Two: Major Requirements
You need to complete the specific requirements for your major. View the list of majors and their requirements in the catalog.
You must complete all courses in your major with grades of C or better.

Catalog Rights
Know your catalog rights. Sierra College issues a new catalog every academic year. There may be new majors, changes to existing majors, and deletions of majors. You may choose from the following catalog options:
·        Use the catalog in effect at the time you first enroll at Sierra, or any year thereafter, as long as you maintain continuous enrollment;
·        Use the catalog in effect at the time you intend to graduate (this option does not require you to be currently enrolled); or
·        Use the catalog in effect at the time you first enrolled at a California community college, a California State University, a University of California campus, and/or a regionally accredited college, as long as you maintain continuous enrollment.
Definition of Continuous Enrollment
To keep your catalog rights, you must enroll in at least one course per calendar year and have one of the following grades on your transcript: A, B, C, D, F, W, MW, P, NP, or I. You can take classes at other colleges besides Sierra College, as long as the other colleges are regionally accredited.

For a full list of regionally accredited colleges, or to find out about your individual needs, contact Counseling.


Step Three: Degree-Applicable Units
General requirements to keep in mind:
·        Complete 60 degree-applicable units;
·        Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA; and
·        Take at least 12 degree-applicable units at Sierra College.

Earning an AA or an AS Degree

  • Course numbers must be below 500 to be degree-applicable.
  • If you take English A, N, 50, 50L or 60, only one of these courses may be counted toward the degree.

Earning an AA-T or an AS-T Degree

Step Four: Degree Request
Go to mySierra to file your request for a degree.
Request Submission Deadlines

  • October 1 for fall graduation
  • March 1 for spring or summer graduation

Learn more about how to file a degree petition to get your degree or certificate.

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