Employee PrintShop Pro Access Account/Login


How do I create a Print Shop Pro account?


In order to submit printing requests, you must create an active Print Shop Pro account for yourself. It can take up to 48 hours to activate your new account.

  1. Go to: Print Shop Pro Webdesk
  2. Type in your Sierra College user name and password (the same username and password used for mySierra).
  3. Click the “Log in” button.
  4. Enter your phone number.
  5. Select your site (your department) from the dropdown menu.
  6. Type in your site address (this is also your default delivery address).
  7.  Send a copy to your desktop as a shortcut.

      (From the file menu select “send” then select “shortcut to desktop”)

  1. Click on the “update” button if you wish to preview your profile or just return to the home page and log out.

For additional information please contact Mark or Ron in the Printing Department at (916) 660-7630 or extension 7630.  Please remember that running your print/copy jobs through the Print Shop is the most cost-efficient output method for our District’s budget. We look forward to meeting your copy/printing needs in a through this new and improved system!



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