New or Existing Auto Attendant / Call Queue Change Request


Use this service to request a change for an existing or a new Auto Attendant / Call queue for the department

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The functionalities are “Auto Attendants”,  “Call Queues” and “Pilot Numbers”.

  • Auto Attendants: they are used to allow the flexibility for a department to route calls based on office hours and/or based on a menu selection.
  • Call Queues: this is where the caller is placed after the Auto Attendant selection is made. This is where we can add a group of users/phones that will ring when the call, then the call is sent to a department voicemail if unanswered.
  • Pilot Number (AKA Department Number) the number associated with a department instead of a user.

Getting Started

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Fees and Additional Costs

There are no fees associated with this service. 

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Service ID: 49804
Fri 4/30/21 10:33 AM
Fri 4/30/21 1:54 PM