Disposal of Surplus and Obsolete Property and Equipment Service Request

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This service (form) should be completed to request disposal of surplus and obsolete property/equipment.

Available To

Sierra College Employees.


Workflow will collect the appropriate approvals for surplus of items, then route to Warehouse for scheduling of item removal. This service requires completion of an Excel spreadsheet (attached to the service) in addition to completing the online Surplus Disposal form for proper processing.

Getting Started

Complete the online Surplus Disposal form, complete and attach the Disposal of Surplus and Obsolete Property/Equipment Excel spreadsheet(s). Excel sheets must be typed (not hand-written). The form should be considered a formal request for disposal of any items listed on the Excel spreadsheet.

Fees and Additional Costs

There are no fees associated with this service.

Request to Surplus Property or Equipment


Service ID: 44695
Wed 7/15/20 11:22 AM
Mon 7/20/20 1:11 PM