Banner Printer Request


This service is provided for configuring printers to be able to print from Banner. 

Available To

Sierra College employees, only pending Manager and Team Leads approvals.


Printing from Banner may include PII and therefore, must be located in secure areas. Please be sure to provide ample details about the location where the printer will be located and who has physical access to the area. 

Getting Started

Printers are not provided by the IIT department and must be purchased by the requesting department. If you do not have a printer at this time, please request a printer quotePlease do not submit a request for this service unless you have first obtained a compliant printer. 

Requestors managers will be responsible for granting preliminary approval for the addition of a Banner printer. Additionally, the requestors area Team Leads member will be the ultimate approval for the installation and configuration. 

Click on the "Request Banner Printer" button to get started. 

Fees and Additional Costs

There are no additional fees associated with this service. 

Request Banner Printer


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