Canvas - Service Request

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Use this service to request a Canvas shell for committees, departments, campus clubs, or other non-course related groups.

Available To

Sierra College Employees.


Canvas shells can be used to collaborate and share content within a group

Getting Started

Please click on the "Request Canvas Shell" button to complete the form. Please be prepared to identify:

  • Name of group, club, committee, or purpose
  • Sierra College email addresses for members to add to shell
  • Which users will need Edit (teacher) access. Unless otherwise specified, users will be granted Read Only (student) access.

If you have a list or spreadsheet, please attach the file when submitting the service.

Fees and Additional Costs

There are no fees associated with this service.

Request Canvas Shell


Service ID: 31208
Fri 10/26/18 1:12 PM
Tue 5/28/19 1:19 PM