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In order to drive a Sierra College District Vehicle, it is required to have a copy of a current driver’s license and a signed copy of the Sierra College Driver Information and Agreement (see attached file) on file at the facilities office (Bldg YT-1, Rocklin Campus). A successful completion of ASCIP’s online Defensive Driving Course (code ssfty068) will also be required. We will maintain a list of all qualified drivers at the facilities office. Any person requesting to drive a vehicle that has not been approved will be denied the use of a District Vehicle.

Available To

Staff and Faculty who have successfully completed the requirements as defined above.


District Vehicle options include:

  • 15-passenger van (with driver)
  • 4x4 SUV
  • 8-passenger van
  • Bus + Cargo Van (with drivers)
  • Bus - Large (with driver)
  • Bus - small (with driver)
  • Cargo van
  • Small SUV
  • Truck
  • Two 15-passenger vans (with drivers)
  • Two 15-passenger vans + 1 cargo van (with drivers)

Getting Started

When you click on the "Request Transportation" button above, you will be transferred to the Infofinder website. The instructions below will help guide you through the form and are also available on Infofinder. 

1.    Click the top tab “Field Trips”

2.    Click blue oval tab “New Field Trip”

3.    Enter the name of the Field Trip into the Field Trip Name text box

  4.    Select your School from the drop-down list

5.    Select the Department that you are requesting a Field Trip for from the drop-down list

6.    Select an Activity from the drop-down list

7.    Enter the name of the person to contact with questions about the request into the Field Trip Contact text box, and their Phone number (or Cell number), Phone Ext, and Email address

8.    Enter the Depart Date into the date field or select it using the drop-down calendar, and enter the departure Time into the text box or select it using the control

9.     Enter the Return Date into the date field or select it using the drop-down calendar, and enter the return Time into the text

10. Select a Departure school from the drop-down list

11. Enter Notes about the departure into the text area if needed

12. You have the option of entering a new Destination into the text box, or selecting an existing one from the drop-down list

13. Enter the Street address of the destination into the text box

14. Enter the City where the destination is located into the text box

15. Enter the two letter State abbreviation for the state where the destination is located into the text box

16. Enter the Zip Code for the destination into the text box

17. Enter the Number of Adults requiring transportation into the text box or select it using the control – Do not use # of students

18. Enter the Number of Vehicles required into the text box

19. Use the text area on the Notes tab to record anything you’d like about the Field Trip

20. Click on the Save button to save and submit the Field Trip request

Fees and Additional Costs

Please contact the Transportation Department for possible fees.

Request Transportation


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