Project Request


The Project Request form is used to initiate the planning process for ITS related projects at Sierra College.

Available To

Sierra College employees, only.


Project Requests are required for:

1. A new service to support (new system, application or work flow)

2. A major software upgrade version (not a point release) to existing systems/services

3. Work efforts estimated to be over 40 hours total work or over $2,500 in expenditures

a. Includes consulting expenses

b. Includes hardware and software costs (VM servers estimated cost is $3,500 each for standard 2 CPU and 500 GB)

4. Involve departments outside of ITS and/or multiple systems/departments for integration testing and user acceptance testing

Getting Started

A project request  may be submitted by any member of the Sierra College community in conjunction with a sponsoring project manager and support from the area VP or Director.

Step 1: Once the Project Request is submitted it will be reviewed by ITS. The project requestor may be asked to provide additional details. Once the project details are determined a copy of the project request will be routed through Adobe Sign for signature approval.

Step 2: The Project Request should be discussed and forwarded to the requestor’s functional area Manager -> Director-> VP to carry forward to their technical review Committee as necessary (i.e. the Student-Instruction Steering Committee, Ed Tech, HR Technology, or Administrative and Operations Council). 

Step 3: Once the Committee approves the Project Request Form it must be reviewed and approved by the functional area VP (or designee). This is the person that champions the effort and considered the Project Sponsor!.

Step 4: Once the VP/Director Designee has approved the Project Request Form it is submitted to ITS and then reviewed/approved by the CTO. The CTO may solicit recommendations and guidance from the ITS Technical Architecture Committee (TAC).

Step 5: Once approved, the signature page is attached to the project request in the Solution Center for review and prioritization by Team Leads. 

Fees and Additional Costs

There are no fees associated with this service.

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