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Request IIT help

The Project Request is used to initiate the planning process for IIT related projects at Sierra College.

This service is to provide the support necessary for moving/changing offices throughout the District.

This service is provided for configuring printers to be able to print from Banner.

This service is provided to support issues with accessing mySierra.

This service is provided for those requesting a new functional item or enhancement for the eVisions (Argos, IntelleCheck, FormFusion) application. Use this service to also request a report or data blocks moved.

For work or help related services provided through Facilities at the Nevada County Campus.

Software install request for all district site licenses (ie: MS Office, Adobe Creative Cloud) and to request other software installs on your computer. Not to be used to request software installs on lab computers. (SnagIT and Camtasia have a separate request form FOR PERSONAL AND HOME COMPUTER USE)