Grade Submission - How To Guide

How to Submit Grades

How do I submit grades in Banner?


Issuing a Grade (A-D)

Issuing a Failing Grade (F) 

  • Follow steps outlined above
  • Enter the date of last attendance in this format (MM/DD/YYYY)

Issuing an Incomplete (I) 

  • If the student has contacted you with a valid reason for missing final work, leave the grade field blank
  • Student must initiate and sign Incomplete Grade Petition and submit it to Admissions & Records before final grade submission deadline
  • Staff will enter incomplete along with alternate grade to be assigned if the work is not completed within one year

Issuing a Grade in Positive Attendance Classes

  • Follow steps outlined above depending on earned grade (A-D, F, I)
  • Report the total hours of participation on grade form
    • If a student attended a portion of the class but dropped or withdrew, report those hours (anything more than 1 hour)
    • If a student did not participate, fill out a No Show Petition
    • If you are assigning a grade of NP (no pass), hours must still be reported
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