O365 Email Clutter and Focused Inbox


What is clutter?


Clutter is a legacy system previously used by Microsoft Outlook to collect potentially unwanted messages. Using an algorithm developed by Microsoft, Outlook would determine whether or not an email message should be delivered to the Inbox or the Clutter folder. Microsoft announced they were discontinuing the Clutter feature over a year ago.

Microsoft has since replaced the technology with “Focused Inbox.”

For more information, please click on this Microsoft link: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Outlook-Blog/Update-on-Focused-Inbox-and-our-plans-for-Clutter/ba-p/136448

For Sierra College, Clutter has been disabled at an organizational level. “Clutter” folders previously created exist in Outlook email for legacy purposes, but automated filtering is no longer enabled.

To turn off Clutter, please click on the following link: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/turn-off-on-clutter-in-outlook-a9c72a77-1bc4-40e6-ba6d-103c1d1aba4c



What is Focused Inbox and how can I disable it?


Focused Inbox is a filtering technology implemented by Microsoft in an effort to replace their “Clutter” feature. Unlike Clutter, Focused Inbox does not move messages from one folder to another, but hides messages via a filter in your Inbox based on an algorithm. (The idea is that when Focused Inbox is enabled, you will only see “important” emails).

Depending on your computer or device settings, Focused Inbox may be enabled by default. To disable:

  1. Log into the web version of Outlook
  2. Determine if Focused Inbox is enabled (you will see Focused and Other as shown below)

Focused inbox

  1. There are two methods to disabled the Focused Inbox:
    1. Click on Filter and “Uncheck” Show Focused Inbox 
    2. Click on the Gear Icon and click the Focused Inbox slider to off


Below: Screenshots for Method 3a and Method 3b respectively


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