Required: Satisfactory Academic Progress

If you receive financial aid, you must have Satisfactory Academic Progress. Failure to meet any of these standards will result first in probation (warning) at the end of the first semester. If the situation continues, then you will lose your financial aid at the end of the second semester. Read the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Petition for Reinstatement

If you have lost financial aid due to a low GPA and/or unit deficiency, you can appeal to the Financial Aid Advisory Committee (FAAC) for reinstatement. You can submit a maximum of 2 reinstatement petitions while attending Sierra College. You must be eligible to enroll at Sierra College to appeal.

To apply for reinstatement, submit your request to The FAAC will review your appeal. You will get reinstated for documented medical problems, family emergencies, and other circumstances outside your control. 

The 90 Unit Limit Appeal

You may receive financial aid until you attempt a total of 90 units, regardless of how much aid you have received. You may deduct up to 30 units of remedial coursework. If you lost financial aid because you attempted over 90 units, you can appeal to the FAAC for reinstatement. You must be eligible to enroll at Sierra College to appeal. 

To apply for reinstatement, upload your request to: The FAAC will review your appeal. 

Timeline for Reinstatement Petition or 90-unit Appeal

It takes the Financial Aid Advisory Committee between 3 to 6 weeks to review Reinstatement Petitions or 90-unit Appeals. Once the committee makes a decision, it will be posted to your mySierra student account. Click on the Financial Aid link in mySierra.

Financial Aid Advisory Committee (FAAC)

The FAAC is comprised of Sierra College staff members who meet regularly to review financial aid petitions and appeals. You must provide the required documentation and details in your statements to provide the FAAC with adequate information to evaluate your situation.

Why Your Appeal Might be Denied

The FAAC may reject appeals and petitions if:

  • Your Student Education Plan is not comprehensive or is outdated
  • You do not provide enough details and supporting documentation to demonstrate your situation

How Long it Takes

It will take between 3 to 6 weeks for Reinstatement Petitions and 90-unit Appeals to be reviewed by the FAAC. When they make a decision, it will show up on your mySierra student account. Log into mySierra, click on the Financial Aid tab and then go to Financial Aid Status.

If You are Approved

Approved reinstatement does not guarantee eligibility for all financial aid programs. Your aid may be reduced and/or your loans may not be approved.

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