EOPS Eligibility

EOPS Student Eligibility for 2021-2022

In order for persons to be eligible for EOPS, they must meet all of the following criteria (1 through 5):

  1. Be a California resident for at least one year and one day before school starts, or eligible AB540 status;
  2. Be enrolled full-time at Sierra College (minimum of 12 units) when accepted into the EOPS program;
  3. Have completed no more than 70 degree-applicable units, not counting remedial course work. Priority will be given to students who have earned less than 30 units;
  4. Be approved for a California College Promise Grant (CCPG), formerly known as the Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver (BOGW) under either CCPG-A, CCPG-B, CCPG-C (with 0 EFC) or CCPG-D.

CCPG-B – Use this method to see if you qualify based on 2019 income:

Household Size

Income Standard


$19,140 or less


$25,860 or less


$32,580 or less


$39,300 or less


$46,020 or less


$52,740 or less


$59,460 or less


$66,180 or less

(Add $6,720 thereafter for each additional member in household.)

5. Be educationally underserved (i.e. - must meet one or more factors listed below):

  • Writing /Math/Reading Associate Degree proficiency requirements
  1. Does not qualify for College level writing course
  2. Does not qualify for College level math
  3. Does not pass assessment for proficiency in Reading
  • Does not have a high school diploma, GED certificate or high school equivalency certificate
  • Graduated from high school with less than a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. (Transcripts required for documentation)
  • Has been previously enrolled in remedial/developmental education
  • OTHER FACTORS: (Upon approval of Program Director)
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