About DegreeWorks

DegreeWorks is a web-based advising tool used to review your academic progress towards graduation.

On DegreeWorks your previous and current courses are reorganized so that you can determine your remaining degree requirements by category.

Access DegreeWorks through your mySierra account, under "Counseling and Degree Progress".

DegreeWorks Features


The Worksheets displays your progress toward the completion of your degree. It displays your successfully completed courses, your in-progress courses, and uncompleted courses that are required by your degree. All courses are organized into the following degree categories:

  • General Education requirements
  • Major requirements
  • Learning Skills
  • Remedial course requirements
  • Elective courses
  • Insufficient courses

The Worksheets also displays the following:

  • your major and educational goal
  • catalog year
  • academic status
  • hold information
  • overall grade point average (GPA)
  • transfer credit information


Using the "What If" feature in DegreeWorks can help you explore other majors or help you meet requirements for transferring.

Using "What If" to Explore Options in Your Major

If the major showing on your worksheet is not correct, or you would like to explore other majors you may use the “What If” feature. Just select “What If”, then select your Goal, then select your Catalog Year.

You can either choose the year in which you first started at Sierra without taking more than a one semester break, or, if you are close to finishing, choose the year in which you will complete your degree or certificate. Then pick your Major. If you do not see your major, be sure you have selected the correct goal. Some of our majors are only certificates or AS degrees. If you choose AA degree as your goal, they will not show on the Major list.

Using "What If" to Transfer

Use “What If” to ensure you are completing CSU GE (CSU General Education Breadth Requirements) or IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum). Just choose CSU or IGETC Worksheet as your goal, choose the current catalog year and do not choose a major. To find the classes you need for your major for transfer use www.assist.org. Or, you may choose AA Transfer or AS Transfer degrees if we offer one in your major.


The Plan tab contains your Educational Plan built by you and your counselor. Counselors can use the Plan to schedule your potential courses for as long as three years into the future. You may view (but not create or edit) these planned schedules.

The manager of Sierra College's DegreeWorks can be contacted at the following email: degreeworks@sierracollege.edu

Courses in the Not Counted Area

Courses that do not apply towards your degree will go into the "Not Counted" area. These classes include remedial level math and English classes or non-transferable classes, if your degree is a AA Transfer or AS Transfer degree.

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