How do I log into Canvas?


How do I log into Canvas?


The IIT Department provides assistance for login issues for most Sierra College systems; including Canvas. The Distance Learning Department provides Canvas support for any issues other than the Canvas login.

To log into Canvas, use your Sierra College network password (the same username and password you use for mySierra).

If you can't log into mySierra or Canvas, reset your network password (see "Sierra College Network Password Account Creation/Login"). 

If you can log into mySierra, but not Canvas, the issue may not be your password. Try opening Canvas in a different browser or from a different device and then try logging into Canvas once more.

If you can't log into Canvas with any browser or from any other device, contact the IIT Help Desk at (916) 660-7777.  If you can log into Canvas, but you need assistance with an application within Canvas, contact the Distance Learning Department at (916) 660-7250.


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