How do I post a help ticket for Canvas issues?

Please use the Canvas help ticket system for Canvas issues only. The Canvas support staff do not have technician access to MySierra or any other Sierra system, so for those other issues, please use the help request link on the sign-on page for MySierra.

To report a Canvas issue, please log into Canvas and click on the Help link in the left side menu. (If you can't log into Canvas, there is a link to report issues right below the Canvas login fields, which takes you to the MySierra help system as it may be an issue with your Sierra password.)

In the pop-out window that appears, select Report a Problem. You can also search the "Canvas Guides" or "Ask the Community" for helpful information if you have an issue related on HOW to do something in Canvas. (Please note your screen might have different links depending on your Canvas permissions)

In the pop-out Help window, in the Subject line, please enter a short title related to the issue, and in the Description field, please enter a detailed description of the issue, including the course code, the area of the course you are having issues, the name of the item you are trying to access (the assignment or file, etc), and what type of connection you have. (computer on wifi, iPhone on mobile app, etc). If you can take a screen shot or video of what you are doing when you receive the error, this is especially helpful. The more information that you provide will help the support staff identify the issure more quickly and possibly resolve it sooner.


AFTER HOURS SUPPORT:  Please note that these tickets go to a Sierra College employee during business hours. If you have an issue in the evening or on the weekends, there are telephone Hotlines for both Faculty and Students that you can call to reach a live technician. 


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