Setting up your desk phone



How do I sign into a Sierra College desk phone (Teams phone)?


Step 1:

On your computer or mobile device, go to

Step 2:

Enter the code displayed on your desk phone screen into your web browser to sign in.

*If the code isn’t displaying, please “Refresh code”. There have been cases where you need to refresh multiple times in order for the code to generate, depending on the internet connection/speed.

Step 3:

Enter the code on your web browser to connect your login to your desk phone. 

Step 4:

Select your Sierra College account. 

Step 5:

Press Continue at this pop-up.

Step 6:

Once you see this message you can close the browser window.

Step 7:

On your Yealink phone you will see connecting, like this:

Step 8:

If you see the following screen, please click on OK

Step 9:

The sign-in process will look like the following: 

You might see this screen too.

Step 10:

Your Teams phone should now be logged in displaying your initials in the upper left corner as well as the date and time on the "Calls" menu.


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