Student Tech Support on Files and File Types

A file type is a name given to a specific kind of file. For example, a Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx, etc.) and an Adobe document (.pdf) are two different file types. While these file types are associated with individual applications, other file types, such as rich text RTF files and MP3 audio files are standard file types that can be opened by multiple programs.


Tech Tips!

  • Back up your files! It is a great idea to back up your files in the event your data in the event something takes place. 
  • Use your OneDrive! If you're still carrying around a flash drive, USB or thumb drive or any other portable file storage option, try using OneDrive to save data to an offsite or remote storage system. Sierra College students have 1T (one terabyte) of storage in OneDrive through Microsoft Office 365.
  • No scanner? Scan files by using your phone
  • Want to preserve your formatting? Please first verify that a PDF file is acceptable for your assignment, then review these steps to Save As or Create a PDF
  • Need to change the file type? Online Convert is a great Web app that lets you convert audio, video, images, and other kinds of files without installing software.


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