How to "Favorite" Your Course(s)


I cannot see my class(es) in Canvas - what do I do?


Please note that you might need to "favorite" your current courses for them to appear on your Canvas homepage. To do this, you need to log in through a computer (not the mobile app) then click the Courses link in the red left side navigation bar.

From there, click the All Courses link at the bottom of that menu, and you will be taken to your All Courses page.

Next, select the stars next to the names of your current courses that you want to have on your homepage, and de-select the stars for any old courses that you don't want on your homepage.

Only PUBLISHED courses can be selects as "favorites" so if you see some current courses that are not published, please contact that instructor to find out when they plan to publish their course.

HINT: Late-start courses are generally not published in advance of the delayed start date. Be sure to check your mySierra schedule as this will show the course dates.

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