How to Clear or Waive a Prerequisite or Corequisite

Need to clear or waive a prerequisite or corequisite? Use the Prerequisite Clearance Form or the Corequisite/Prerequisite Appeal Petition


Clear prerequisites by using classes you have taken from another school. You will have to submit transcripts or test scores from your previous school. Contact Placement Services for assistance. 


Students can request to meet prerequisites and corequisites through:

  • Substitute or waiver: If a prerequisite/corequisite for a course has not been offered for two consecutive semesters, students may petition to use a substitute course as the prerequisite/corequisite waived.
  • Appeal based on knowledge or skill: Students may appeal a prerequisite/corequisite because they feel the they have the knowledge or skills to succeed in the course despite not meeting the prerequisite/corequisite. Students will be required to document or demonstrate this knowledge or skill.
  • Complaint of unlawful discrimination: Students may appeal a prerequisite if they feel it is being applied in a discriminatory manner.

Submit the Prerequisite/Corequisite Appeal Petition Form to the Division Dean and then to the Assessment Office.

Need help? Contact Placement Services for assistance. 


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