Adding Funds to Pay to Print Account


How do I add money to my Pay to Print account?


Sierra College is not charging for pay-to-print during the Fall 2023 semester.

Follow this link to add money to your Pay to Print account.

Think carefully about how many pages you might print, since there is a $0.30 charge each time you add money to your account. There is a $3 minimum and a $10 maximum per transaction.

As an example, if you add $10 to your account you will have $9.70 added to your balance.

Add money to your account.

Pay to Print encourages students to print less or less often. The products needed to print (toner, paper and hardware) have tangible environmental impacts. This program promotes institutional sustainability and resource conservation efforts.

Credit to Account

Did your print jobs come out badly? Follow these steps to get credit to your account:

  1. Fill out the Credit Request form.
  2. Attach the problem print pages.
  3. Submit to Bursar Office.

For assistance with account balance and transaction issues and credits for problem print pages, contact

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