How to Start the Loan Request Process

Note: You cannot start the Loan Request Process until you have filled out a FAFSA for the current year. Start your FAFSA.

Step 1.

Go to and confirm your financial aid information from the FAFSA to create an account.

Step 2.

Click on the red "+ - Request" button on the top right.

Step 3.

Click on the corresponding academic year button for the Loan Request Form.

Step 4.

Fill out a brief reason on requesting loans and click "Submit."

Step 5.

Download (Figure 1) and fill out the Loan Request form (Figure 2) and complete ALL of the checklist.

For more information about how to fill out the checklist, refer to page 3 of the Loan Process document found on our Financial Aid Forms and Resources page under the "Financial Aid Forms" heading.

Figure 1. Click Download button

Figure 2. Sample loan request form with checklist near bottom of the form.

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