Health Screening Instructions Using Sierra College App

On the day of the visit prior to when you arrive to campus, complete the health screening form on the Sierra College app using the instructions below.

Note: If you do not have access to the app, there will be paper forms available for students who will be attending on-site classes or labs. 

Before Coming to Campus

The health screening questionnaire can be found on the home page of the app. Click on "Health Screening" and then choose "Daily Pre-Screening."

  Screenshot of the Home page of the Sierra College app with red box around Health Screening tile at topScreenshot of the options available once you select Health Screening tile with Daily Pre-Screening selected in red box


2. Once you choose "Daily Pre-Screening," answer the questions and submit the form. 

Daily Pre-Screening: Before coming to campus, please complete the required pre-screening form to receive your daily health pass. By submitting the form, you agree the information you are providing is accurate and truthful.If you cleared, you will get a Daily Screening Cleared message.

3. Based on the answers you provide, you will be issued a Health Pass for the day. You may come to campus if you have a Green Health Pass. When arriving on campus, you may be asked to show your health pass. To do this, go to "MyProfile" (outline of person icon in bottom right corner of app) and click on "Health and Wellness." The Green Health Pass has a check mark and the date you're planning to enter campus as seen below: 

You are cleared to come to campus. Please confirm you have a Green Health Pass before coming to campus. There may be a secondary screening with a temperature check. If you start exhibiting any symptoms, please go home and report your symptoms to

When on Campus

You are required to check-in to the locations you visit on campus. To do this, open the QR reader in the upper left corner of either "Main" or "Institution" page of the app (first two icons in bottom left of app). Scan the QR signs at building/room entrances.   

Note: There may be secondary screenings with a temperature check or further questions upon arrival to campus or before entering some buildings.  

When on campus, open Sierra College mobile app, access QR code reader in top left and scan QR codes at buildings/rooms



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